Hey Rare community! Here are some pictures for a Banjo karting game. These were created by a former Rare artist. The game only got to the conceptual stage, but was then canceled. One of the vehicles ended up in Sega All Stars Racing though.
Programmer Brendan Gunn has stated in regards to a different Banjo karting game that was going to be on the Xbox called Banjo-Kazoomie, "I've always wanted to do a racing game. I got to spend two weeks working on a prototype racing game for the Xbox. It was codenamed 'Banjo-Kazoomie', and it was a kind of kart racer, but you constructed the karts out of different parts, so I guess it was kind of a precursor to 'Nuts & Bolts'. But for those two weeks I was doing the driving mechanics for it".
George Andreas was also quoted on the Banjo karting game saying, "We had a coin-up for a while, didn't we? Mark [Betteridge] was working on a racing game. Can you remember? It was a long time ago now. The working name was 'Balls-Out', as in flat-out."
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